Should I have my property surveyed before building, adding on, putting a fence or retaining wall up?

Yes! To be absolutely sure you are building on your land, a survey is necessary. Generally less than a thousand dollars here can save tens of thousands of dollars later on. A true assurance.


What is a survey?

In brief, it can include the

  • measurement of the exact distances and heights of the land (or even building trees/towers),
  • Locate the position of features on the land (or water) so that people can build and design improvements
  • Determine the legal extent of their property and then identifying any encroachments
  • Pegging of new boundaries


All I got when I had my block surveyed was 4 pegs in the ground. What is involved?

To answer this question it would be best to read the information in the Land Division or Boundary Survey section in Our Services but as an outline the following occurs -

  • Search of information about your original land development plus other plans at the Lands Titles Office (LTO)
  • Making calculations using permanent survey markings around your neighbourhood
  • Seeking and finding at least 3 of these markings. Sometimes in near by streets or across the gully
  • Using equipment like a Total Station to measure back from these permanent marks to your block
  • The information gained is used to physically mark the boundaries and then, back in the office a plan is drawn and rechecked


Will Engineers, Architects, Building Designers be able to use the plans?

Yes!  The plans are regularly sent directly to your engineer/architect/designer in their choice of format as well as copies sent to you.


What is a search?

A search refers to the activity of obtaining the necessary and most up to date survey plans, certificate of titles and other special information from the Lands Titles Office (LTO) so that the survey can be completed.


Can I get my own search?

You are able to obtain information from the Lands Titles Office.  It is the Licensed Surveyors responsibility to ensure that all relevant plans are used for a survey.  It is not efficient to have others try, only to repeat the process again. It is our policy to complete all searches.


Do you give a written quote?

Yes.  So that all requirements and fees are as clear as possible we give written quotes and ask that a Letter of Agreement be signed before work begins.


What is a Land Surveyor?

A Land Surveyor is someone who has completed Tertiary Qualifications in Surveying to perform different measurement, traditionally to do with the earth.  A Licensed Surveyor is an added qualification that means that this surveyor has the authority, backing and knowledge of laws and legislations to locate and mark property boundaries.


How long does a survey take?

It does depend a on the size of the property and the type of survey that is required.  There is work to complete in the office to prepare for the activity that occurs on site and then more work to complete back in the office after.  We allow a time frame of a week to ensure that all checking can occur and plans be drawn and delivered.


Do you work outside of the Adelaide area?

Yes – Statewide !