3D Laser Scanning is a great way to gain a lot of information, with intricate detail. Scanners generate point clouds of millions of three dimensional points representing whatever scene /object we are surveying. This can include complex building facades, factory /industrial refits, road intersections, refits of large and small ships, electrical substations and volume determination.


Port Adelaide Town Hall


Limited Accessibility


Heritage School Building

Scanning provides "rich" survey information that accurately reflects the shapes and sizes of what is currently there, allowing great confidence when designing new items to fit. The point clouds allow the modelling of surfaces of features, or cross sections can be generated through the model at any location.


Photo Realistic Scan Image  - Mannum Dry Dock


Rendered Model -  Mannum Dry Dock


A 3D Laser Scan provides great information for engineers/ architects/ surveyors/ archaeologists/ builders/ scientists to analyse, design and interrogate in ways not possible before. Items can be designed and built off site, brought in and confidently fitted on site, even with the most complex of shapes.

We would be happy to discuss the possible application of this technology for your next project.